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International Training Programme on 2016 Procurement Policy Framework for World Bank aided Projects (February 7 – 18, 2022)

We are pleased to announce our next International Training Programme on 2016 Procurement Policy Framework for World Bank aided Projects which has been scheduled from February 07 -18, 2022 in partnership with Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) and with technical support from the World Bank.


As you would be aware that the World Bank has introduced its New Procurement Policy and Regulations effective from July 1, 2016 (revised in November 2020) as applicable for all projects that are financed by the Bank after July 2016. The major revision has been done after a gap of almost 20 years and the core principles of the procurement in Bank funded projects have been expanded to include the principles of Value for Money, Integrity and Fit for Purpose in addition to Economy, Efficiency, Transparency and Fairness. This training will cover the new procurement policy and regulations, PPSD preparation and standard procurement documents along with various options available.


The World Bank encourages the dissemination of its relevant policy framework and usage of revised standard procurement documents in its funded projects. It is possible to get funding for attending this programme under the technical assistance or the capacity building component of the projects. Interested officials or their project heads are encouraged to contact their funding organization for further details.


We solicit nomination of officials who are working in the World Bank aided projects (either directly with the project or in implementing agencies or with the concerned ministries) or officials from organizations managing/ implementing other donor aided projects and others interested in bidding for World Bank financed projects to attend the program.


Participants can attend the program in ASCI Campus, Hyderabad, so that they not only benefit from the face-to-face live interactions with the faculty and other participants but also can avail the ASCI campus hospitality being extended like Networking Dinners and Cocktails and excursion trips, etc.Alternatively, in the event of Covid-related logistics challenges that may not allow attending the programme physically, we also offer an Online Mode, wherein the participants can log in remotely from their respective locations.


The partnership of GPCL and ASCI with the technical support of the World Bank in organizing this training programme brings in a synergetic fusion of academic excellence, practical consulting expertise in public procurement and the guiding perspective of world’s leading development financing institution. We are sure that the participating officers/ executives will immensely benefit by attending the program as enunciated by over 4000 officials from 50+ countries who attended the physical programs in the past.


Please find attached herewith an electronic copy of the training programme brochure giving the details along with the nomination form. Ten (10) % discount can be availed in either mode of participation subject to number of participants as mentioned in the brochure. We have started the process of registering / accepting nominations for the program and will be happy to hear from you ASAP. For brochure click here

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