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GPCL Services

Global Procurement Consultants Ltd. (GPCL) was set up, in October, 1996, to deal exclusively with procurement related services – in CIS countries, Eastern Europe and emerging economies in the African continent. The company caters to areas as diverse as Health, Education, Agriculture, Mining, Transportation, Communication, Energy, Water Resources and other key sectors.

Corporate Synergy:

GPCL has been promoted by the Export-Import Bank of India as a private sector company, in partnership with leading corporate groups like RPG Industries, MECON, ICICI, TCE Consulting Engineers, Consulting Engineering Services, R. L. Dalal & Co., Nicco-Uco Financial Services, Agricultural Finance Corporation, RITES, WAPCOS, Kirloskar Consultants and Ion Exchange.


GPCL acts as the client’s representative in taking on the total responsibility of procurement, by providing a comprehensive range of procurement related advisory services and inter-allied activities for projects in India and abroad. With thorough knowledge of the guidelines and practices stipulated by international funding agencies like the World Bank, ADB and AfDB, GPCL is capable of providing to the project authorities, apt and appropriate advice and service in procurement, strictly following the procedures and policies of multilateral funding agencies and authorities. The company is registered with the World Bank and other financial institutions.

Critical Activity:

The procurement phase is the “key activity” in any project cycle. GPCL monitors all procurement activities including project management from concept to commissioning, so as to ensure timely supply and delivery, quality control, thorough inspection and avoidance of cost overruns to the client. Our expertise will benefit the clients in getting an unbiased, cost-effective and exclusive professional service, which is also environment friendly. Financial institutions and project authorities who are particular on judicious utilisation of funds, prefer independent procurement consultants, like GPCL.


GPCL’s consultancy services encompass:

  • Preparing and reviewing technical specifications.
  • Estimation of costs.
  • Selection of vendors.
  • Inspection and expediting.
  • Quality control and time management.

All contractual aspects involved in procurement will also be handled by the company, to ensure that the client’s interests are protected. In addition to core expertise, with technical back-up drawn from the shareholding partners, each of who, have specialisation in different fields; GPCL will provide services that are time bound, cost effective and optimum for the clients. nowledge of suppliers and vendors through a vast database and familiarity with international trade and access to infotech, adds strength to the company’s operations.

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