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Project Cycle

Initial Stages:

  • Identify purpose/constraints upon the project e.g. major milestones, potential bottlenecks.
  • Agree upon roles/operating methods with donor/recipient.
  • Agree upon procurement plan.


  • Provide budgetary prices if required.


  • Check/raise queries/agree with all parties.
  • “Open up” for tendering-whether general or by direct invitation.
  • Ensure general requirements appropriate to developing countries.

Bid Preparation:

  • Prepare instructions to bidders.
  • Ensure donor/aid procedures are complied with.
  • Decide payment terms / retention / bid and performance bond.
  • Stipulate local representation.
  • Specify evaluation conditions.
  • Determine delivery requirements.

Contract matters:

  • Ensure conditions of contract are appropriate to protect the client.
  • Services contract for installation.
  • Training and maintenance contracts.
  • Check eligible sources.
  • Shipping specifications, methods and terms.


  • Knowledge of suppliers.
  • Grouping of items for bid packages.


  • As required, including circulation within the country.

Bid Documents:

  • Arrange issue and return under secure arrangements.


  • Obtain clarification/missing information.
  • Obtain statements of compliance with specifications and tender conditions.
  • Review preferred tenderer’s capability.
  • Prepare reports to cover full commercial, contractual and donor procedural factors. Technical evaluation report will only be provided if specially agreed upon.
  • Make recommendation.


  • Draft contract.
  • Negotiate as necessary.
  • Place order.
  • Progress and report, applying liquidated damages as appropriate.
  • Provide for inspection.
  • Advance/stage/final payments.
  • Ensure performance test covered.
  • Ensure warranty is implemented.


  • Arrange by most appropriate method.
  • Consolidate/containerise.
  • Arrange to site if necessary.
  • Distribute documentation.

Payment and Accounting:

  • Prepare withdrawal application.
  • Authorise
  • Record
  • Report


  • All the time, between the parties.

Know-how Transfer:

Training – through state of the art tailor made training modules and “Hands-on” transfer of expertise. GPCL has entered into an MOU with Administrative Staff College of India to provide comprehensive training on procurement for capacity building of Project Implementating Agencies.

Bid Support Services:

Advice to Export Community on care and approach to be taken in submission of bids in international funded projects, so that success rate is better and bids are not rejected for want of compliance with procurement guidelines.

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