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GPCL was commissioned by the World Bank to carry out an Independent Procurement Review of four Bank financed projects in Eritrea covering sectors such as Ports Rehabilitation, Health, Emergency Reconstruction, and Child Care.

Tug Boats procured under Ports Rehabilitation Project


The World Bank appointed GPCL, on a sole source basis, to carry out an Independent Procurement Review of six Bank financed projects in Ghana covering Agriculture, Education, Energy, Health, Roads and Water Supply sectors.


Drilling of Borehole & Handpump Installation in Ejisu Juaben District


GPCL was selected by the National AIDS Control Council (NACC), Government of Kenya as the Procurement Monitoring Agency to review the procurement of goods, services and minor works carried out under the World Bank funded Total War Against AIDS (TOWA) project. The successful completion of Phase I of the assignment led to the second Phase, which has also been successfully accomplished.

GPCL was awarded a fresh assignment calling for the provision of similar services for the extended duration of the project covering 3 cycles in 3 Financial Years and the same was completed successfully.

Final Report Presentation by GPCL to NACC, Kenya officials


GPCL carried out the Independent Procurement Review of four World Bank financed projects in Malawi covering Education, Emergency, Privatization, and Transportation Sectors.

Also, National AIDS Commission (NAC), Malawi, selected GPCL, through an international competitive process, for conducting Procurement Post Review for the World Bank aided HIV/AIDS Response Project. Based on satisfactory performance GPCL was awarded this assignment for two more years.

GPCL was appointed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST), Government of Malawi, to conduct Procurement Audit for the World Bank-financed Project to Improve Education Quality in Malawi (PIEQM) for three financial years.

Children at one of the Community Based Organizations near Blantyre (Malawi) supported by the Project


GPCL carried out the Independent Procurement Review of five Bank financed projects in Nigeria involving review of sectors such as Community Development, Education, Energy and Privatization.

African Development Bank contracted the services of GPCL to carry out a comprehensive “Forensic Audit” (Technical, Procurement, Financial) of a US$ 75 million Water Supply Projects in EDO and Delta States in Nigeria.

GPCL, in association with one of its key shareholders, Tata Consulting Engineers, provided Procurement Advice and Support to Lagos State Water Corporation for a World Bank funded assignment involving the restoration of an aging 115 mgd (then about 65 mgd) water supply system to its design capacity.


GPCL and its local associates were appointed by Ministry of Local Government, Uganda, to undertake an Independent Procurement Review of contracts under the World Bank financed Second Local Government Development Program.

The World Bank appointed GPCL, through an international competitive process, to conduct an Independent Procurement Review of four Bank financed projects in Uganda in the Agriculture, Health, Finance and Transportation Sectors projects.

The World Bank appointed GPCL to evaluate the Public Procurement and Disposal Authority’s role in ensuring effectiveness and efficiency of Public Procurement in the National Development Plan in Uganda.

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