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Bid Support Services

GPCL’s expertise in conducting audits and providing services in multilaterally funded projects was leveraged in offering Bid Support Services to an Indian Contracting firm in its maiden international tender for an African Development Bank funded Highway Project in Mauritius. The services involved assistance in technical investigation of site conditions, assessment of materials in the Bill of Quantities and obtaining competitive quotations from accredited vendors, and ensuring that the bid documents were complete in all respects.

Financial Advisory Services

In addition to technical input, GPCL’s expertise in the Financial Sector was also provided in the following assignments:

  • Was commissioned by Ministry of Finance, Govt of India to carry out a pre-feasibility study for a large Hotel Project in Tanzania.
  • On behalf of PTA Bank, Kenya, GPCL conducted a Technical Audit of a refinery in Sudan, set up by Concorp International. The assignment involved a field visit by GPCL’s expert in making a SWOT analysis and submission of a report recommending a course of action for recommencement of the refinery.
  • Was appointed by Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, to conduct an appraisal of a Pharmaceutical Project in Kyrghyzstan, and submit a cost optimisation study note.
  • On behalf of RITES, provided advice on terms and conditions outlined in the $ 175 million Biera Rail Concession Agreement, Mozambique.
  • On behalf of a Funding Agency, carried out “Cost Reasonableness Study” through inspection and independent assessment of a Chemical Unit in Andhra Pradesh exporting manufactured chemicals.
  • Carried out a Techno Economic Feasibility Study for a Export Oriented Filament Rope manufacturing project in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Monitoring of monthly cash flow (inward and outward) of an auto component manufacturing company in Delhi, and recommend measures to improve cash availability for repayment of loan taken from a financial institution.

Other Assignments

  • GPCL partnered with Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) in conducting tailor made training programs on procurement procedures under World Bank aided projects for (i) Assam Agricultural Competitiveness Project, (ii) Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India, and (iii) Staff in PIUs of World Bank funded projects, worldwide (conducted thrice a year – July and October, 2007 and January 2008).
  • SEWA Trade Facilitation Centre (STFC), Ahmedabad, India, commissioned GPCL to undertake International Finance Corporation (IFC) sponsored Techno-Economic Study (a) to review its current business and operational performance and (b) identify new thrust areas for STFC to achieve commercial sustainability of its new facility. GPCL submitted its report and made a presentation to IFC/SEWA officials on its recommendations and action plan to achieve the objectives.
  • Assisted an US entrepreneur in procurement of a joint venture partner in Bangladesh for setting up of an industrial unit to manufacture water conservation valves used in large sprinkler irrigation schemes.
  • South Asia Enterprise Development Facility (SEDF) commissioned GPCL to undertake techno-economic feasibility study for a foundry coke project being put up by a Bangladeshi entrepreneur in Dhaka. GPCL’s observations were accepted.
  • To promote environmental discipline in handling organic waste arising in process industries, hospitals, hotel establishments, etc, GPCL was assigned by an industrial unit in Mumbai in carrying out a market survey for their indigenously developed waste compact machine.
  • Intensive training to personnel in SGS Global Trade Solutions unit, Manila on JBIC’s procurement process and approach, enabling them to review and offer comments on procurement documents received from JBIC.
  • Preparation of a Market Survey report on behalf of an International Consultancy firm (Netherlands), in identifying an Indian Consultancy outfit for collaboration/acquisition.
  • Carried out on behalf of a Funding Agency, an “Environmental Audit” of a Chemical Unit in Gujarat, exporting hazardous chemicals.
  • Third Party Assessment / Inspection of X-ray equipments, purchased by Punjab State Health Corporation.
  • Techno-Economic Feasibility Study of TGIL Industries, Hyderabad.
  • Prepared a Pre-feasibility Report on proposed 1 million tpa Alumina Plant in Western India for an Indo-US JV.
  • Independent Review of a greenfield project being set up by a leading Indian paint manufacturing company.
  • Project Appraisal Report for a mineral extraction firm in Western India.

Performance Review – India

  • As “Engineer” to Financial Institutions, which had extended Loans and Guarantees to a leading civil engineering contractor, in executing 133 Kms of Asian Development Bank funded National Highway Project in the Southern Indian state of Karnataka, GPCL was engaged to carry out a monthly performance review of the project covering physical and financial progress.
  • UNICEF had commissioned GPCL to carry out rapid surveys of health facilities such as Anti Retroviral Therapy Centres, Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission Centres, and Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres delivering the HIV / AIDS Control Program in the three Indian States of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Manipur so as to identify bottlenecks in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) and recommend improvements.
  • As a sequel to the earlier assignment, UNICEF commissioned GPCL to extend the study on Supply Chain Management to the states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Nagaland. Subsequently, GPCL was asked to conduct a workshop in six State Capitals, so that the bottlenecks identified and the proposed recommendations could be disseminated to officers nominated by respective State Aids Control Society drawn from District Anti Retroviral Therapy and Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres.
  • On behalf of Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), who had been appointed as a consultant by the National Aids Control Project (NACO), India, GPCL conducted a performance review of the Procurement Agent appointed for the World Bank funded Phase II Aids Control Project, involving comprehensive study of Procurement, Financial and Contractual Management processes adopted by the Procurement Agent and decisions taken by him in the execution of the project.

Valuation Assignments

The valuation exercise and report by our Registered Valuers includes fair market price of assets duly taking into account obsolescence of process and equipment condition. Some of the recent assignments include:

Salt Refinery and Salt Pan being acquired by a Chemical industry for export purposes, who had approached a financial institution for term loan for such a venture.

  • Marble Quarry in the State of Rajasthan, on behalf of an Export enterprise.
  • Ezhupunna and Pamarru Properties of a marine product company in the Southern Indian State of Kerala.
  • Assets procured by an Electronic company from another enterprise.
  • Land, Buildings, Plant and Machinery of an Engineering company manufacturing Razor blades, Triple Shaving System etc. in Mumbai.
  • Plant and Machinery of a Food processing unit near Mumbai.
  • Fixed Assets of a IT solutions Company located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • Real Estate property of a Company dealing in Diamond in Mumbai.
  • Movable fixed assets of a Company’s factories manufacturing Flexible packaging material located in Vasai and Aurangabad.
  • Valuation of Software for a leading Trade Finance company in Mumbai
    ….. and many more

Lenders Engineer Services

Lenders Engineer services in various sectors – Power Transmission & Distribution, Roads, Railways, Water and Oil & Gas etc in Senegal, Cameroon, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mozambique.

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