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GPCL, the public procurement consulting leader, in collaboration with its technology partner is offering eProcurement solutions to automate the end to end procurement functions from procurement planning to supplier payments which comprises of budgeting, requisitions, sourcing, awarding, PO & Contract establishment, good receiving, acceptance, clearances, reconciliations and payments.
The solution is equipped with all critical features and functions, which can be used either as enterprise solution or in a modular fashion depending upon the level of specific requirements. Each of these systems not merely facilitates and automates the procurement process but also incorporates compliance with relevant standards, regulations and requirements.
Some of the eProcurement software solutions that are catered globally and across the sectors are given below:

• Budget to Pay
• eRequisitions
• eTender/ eProcurement (Reverse Auctions)
• eDisposal (Forward Auctions)
• Vendor Management
• Contract Management
• Purchase Order and Invoice management

1.1 Budget to Pay (B2P)
B2P is an end to end procurement automation suite to integrate functions right from procurement budget planning, approval, internal-sourcing, requisition management, procuring using any of the seven internationally prescribed methods of sourcing, eTendering, techno-commercial evaluation process, supplier award, receipts, invoicing and payment advice.
The solution is capable of integrating with other legacy systems in the market to cater to very high volume and high value driven procurement in a transparent way.

1.2 eTender
The eTender system caters to the needs of the public and private enterprises in a 4 steps process. Enterprises needs for procurement of Goods, Services or works can be accomplished by automation of Tender Creation, Publish, responses by interested Vendors/ Suppliers and evaluate through a defined workflow supported by dynamic criteria. The system supports all global procurement methods and meets the security and regulatory compliances.

1.3 Strategic Sourcing (eNegotiation)
Strategic sourcing is a B2B platform for conducting online negotiations that leverage upon the industry knowledge bank and optimize the purchase objectives of the enterprises. The product consists of various negotiation methods bundled with 850+ permutations and combinations to create dynamic competitive bidding with the global auction methods of conducting reverse negotiations post price discovery stage.

1.4 eDisposal (eAuction)
Disposal of excess/ under valuable assets provide viable means for sustained management. The eDisposal product provides efficient and easy way to implement disposal processes. Multiple types of assets disposal can be carried out using our system, immovable asset types such as land and infrastructure or any tangible assets like machinery and scrap products. The product is well evolved for conducting disposals at national level and consists of inclusive market engagement structures.

1.5 Technology and Resources capabilities
• Products are designed with a proprietary framework that can be scalable in multiple dimensions in order to meet the customer demands ensuring high availability.
• Products are designed to operate with higher efficiencies even in an optimized infrastructure.
• Live eTendering Suite with PKI digital signature management capability
• Seamless Integration of eTendering & eAuctions suites with Supplier Management Suite.
• Integration of our products with Industry recognized ERP and Financial systems.
• Managed IT Technology, implementation and product support teams backed by the global procurement leaders.
• Products implemented with lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by using Open source technologies.
• Procurement consulting support as per the customer preferences
o Onsite Consulting and product support
o Offshore Consulting and product support

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